Wine Experiences

San Gimignano wine tasting experience with food

Looking for a wine tasting in Tuscany? Try the Montese wine experiences! A professional sommelier will introduce you to the most important Tuscan wine areas.

With a sip, just a sip of our wines you’ll lose yourself in the magic of tastes and knowledge which will tell you about our land more than a thousand words. Let yourself be guided by the people who are moved by love and passion for viticulture, who try every day to discover the many secrets of the nectar of the gods.


We thought the best way to share what we have learnt so far can be divided into two types of courses:

  1. In the first one, we will taste at “Montese Cooking Experiences” some types of wines that best represent our terroir.
  2. In the second course we will visit the wineries we collaborate with to understand what lies behind a simple sip.

We will meet the wine producers and will know directly from them in their vineyards and in their cellars how some of the most appreciated wines of our country are made.

We will learn the different stages of production and, finally, we will taste the fruits of their work, learning how to recognize the elements through which you can appreciate a wine.

Let your lips bend into a smile while your hands lull a glass of wine…

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