Cooking Experiences

San Gimignano Cooking classes, Tuscany

We recommend our basic cooking classes in San Gimignano to the people who approach for the first time to the Tuscan cooking tradition… to dishes with special flavors which are prepared using only the best local products other than those of our own vegetable garden. You will learn to make handmade pasta, ravioli, ribollita .. and other delicious recipes of our area .. plunging fully into a family atmosphere and into a location of rare beauty, San Gimignano countryside, not far from Florence and Siena.


The experience of handmade pasta is certainly the most suited to become familiar with the basics of our cuisine and with our beautiful country, since pasta in its various types is the common thread between all of our regions: from north to south, crossing the center of Italy and reaching the islands. If you pay specific attention, you will notice that wherever you taste this delicacy you immediately recognize the culinary history of the place. This is why we highly recommend for you our Pasta making class in San Gimignano, beautiful city not far from Florence and Siena.

The simplicity of the preparation makes this course suitable for everyone, young and old. We propose a pasta cooking class lasting a total of about 4 hours, where we learn how to prepare an excellent dough that can be useful for many types of pasta.

In our pasta cooking class experience, we will focus on the long pasta such as fettuccine, tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, spaghetti etc. etc. .. and on the stuffed pasta such as ravioli, tortellini, triangoli, mezzelune, fagottini and so on and so forth.

Even if handmade pasta or ravioli mixed with just a splash of Tuscan olive oil and some cheese are delicious in their simplicity, we will also cook excellent sauces to go with them. (The preparation of the type of sauces will depend strictly on the season in which the course takes place).

In the end we will relax with a nice glass of wine and a good plate of freshly made pasta, surrounded by a view which will make our hearts melt and enhance our palates ….

DURATA: about 4 hours

PARTECIPANTS: maximum 12 people (for more people, the course can be held in another structure)

Please note: in each course we also prepare a desert and a bruschetta as an appetizer


Si hortum in bibliotheca habes, nihil deerit.

[If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need].

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Epistulae ad familiares (Letters to friends), I sec. a.e.c

Very often we confuse the word tradition with something that has an extinct and exhausted rhetoric, but that needs to be protected. In our opinion this “unwritten law” cannot be applied to the vegetable garden. Modern times have lead us to supermarkets, with their perverse philosophy of ready-made food and shiny, appealing products on the shelves. But what if we put a small pot on a window sill with some soil and a head of lettuce (preferably young) to grow: once it’s ready, you cut away the tips, you dress it.. eat it .. and wait until it grows back again… by doing this, you also contribute to your little green sustainability!

To return to what we offer, well … it’s actually very simple! A class of nearly culinary improvisation with the produce from our garden picked the same day you arrive. Whether it will be zuppa di cavolo (cabbage soup), minestrone (vegetable soup), pappa al pomorodoro (tomato soup), pesto sauce with an excellent Tuscan basil, zuppa alle ciplle (onion soup) or another of the thousands possible recipes, we will pick our vegetables personally to remind us that what we eat it is what we grow, directly or indirectly.

DURATION: about 4 hours

PARTICIPANTS: maximum 5 people


A whole meal to discover Tuscan cuisine .First, we’re going to prepare a Tuscan appetizer like a crostino with chicken liver, followed by a nice dish of pasta with ragù, some delicious ravioli, a rich bowl of pici or a healthy and nourishing soup. Then we’re going to cook a pork chine with potatoes or a tasty Fiorentina steak, topping it off with a tiramisù or a typical tart and cantuccini. So, we will unleash our creativity to make an entire meal with the wonderful products of our amazing region and you will be able to recreate this at home thanks to the solid basis offered by our culinary tradition.

DURATION: 4-5 hours